Morse Straight Key (iPhone & iPad)


This app is a fun tool for learning to send Morse code. By tapping a straight key recreated on the screen, beautiful sine wave sounds emanate from your iPhone or iPad. You can practice the basics of Morse code, enjoy conversations with friends, and share your Morse code creations over the internet. Recommended not only for radio enthusiasts but for anyone interested in Morse code. Enjoy!


Free features

In the free version, you can only send Morse code by tapping the screen.

The "Record" button is not available in the free version.


In the paid version, you can record Morse code sent by tapping the screen and save it in a file, and you can share the recorded file via SNS or Email.

How to purchase the app

Press the "?" button at the bottom of the screen

To remove the restriction, you need to press the "Purchase Feature" button and purchase the app.


By purchasing the app, you can use the "Record" button.

Features available through app purchase.

[ Recording ]

You can record Morse code when you tap the screen and save it to a file.

[ Files ]

List of recorded Morse code files


[ Play ]

Play selected Morse code file


[ Share ]

You can share the selected Morse code file with your friends via email or SNS.

[File Delete ]

Delete files by sliding


Delete all files with the "Delete All" button


v1.0 2024-05-04 First public release



Web Page:https://www.jh1lhv.tokyo/